ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra)

with the California Honeydrops opening
The Center for the Arts presents
Friday, February 8, 8:00PM
Doors open at 7:00PM
$22 members, $25 non-member

DANCE CONCERT – Limited Theater Seating

SXSW 2012 Can’t-Miss Act– Rolling Stone

They can improvise and jam as good as anyone I’ve ever seen. But they got these songs that really stick in your head as well. – Jack Johnson

Each member of ALO could easily be the musical star of their own band, so it’s nice to see accomplished musicians like these stick together. – Associated Press

There’s a universal reach to California’s ALO, whose warmly inviting, delightfully malleable music stretches out an open hand to give you a twirl and put some swing in your step. – Dirty Impound

They have that special combination of natural, groove-oriented music combined with the fact that lyrically they really have something to say. – WXPN

A funky blend of  70’s, R&B and jazz, with a whopping dollop of groove. – Keyboard Magazine

Little bit of funk, a little bit of pop, a lot of energy and a big dollop of dance-worthy music – that’s the recipe that’s brought ALO a fan base far and wide. – San Diego Magazine

Weaving jazz, blues and funk into a soulful California party blend. – Relix

Long acclaimed for their deft musicianship, potent songwriting, and astonishing on-stage interaction, the members of ALO have played together for more than two decades, with the current lineup now in its 10th year and counting.

The band followed the release of 2010’s Jack Johnson-produced Man Of The World by doing what they do best; playing live. Highlights included a run of national headlining shows, numerous festival appearances (Hangout, Mountain Jam, Mile High, Jamcruise), Jack Johnson’s US Summer tour, the Halloween-themed Haunted Carnival of Traveling Freaks & Frights tour and their annual Tour d’Amour benefitting public music school programs.

All four members of ALO agree that a similar sense of excitement is currently spurring the band forward. Sounds Like This has imbued ALO with an audacious energy that is certain to infiltrate the band’s already spirited live shows, not to mention their next studio outing.

ALO’s fourth release showcases their unfettered passion, wit, and imagination while simultaneously exploring uncharted musical terrain. With its vibrant blend of inventive musicality and genre-blurring reach, Sounds Like This sees ALO operating with verve and vitality, their funk pop n roll aglow with exceptional song craft and danceable grooves. ALO let their imagination run free, both musically and lyrically, resulting in larger-than-life highlights such as Cowboys and Chorus Girls or the self-explanatory glitterball workout, Room For Bloomin. At the heart of the album is ALO’s raucous reverie for days past, Blew Out The Walls, as well as its more subdued sibling, Sounds Like That (included exclusively as an iTunes bonus track), which reverberates with the excitement and passion of a rock n’ roll band in its nascent stage.

Steve Adams bass, vocals
Dave Brogan drums, vocals
Zach Gill keys, ukulele, vocals
Lebo guitars, pedal steel, vocals CALIFORNIA HONEYDROPS

Digging deep into the roots of American music, The California Honeydrops embrace the traditions of Blues, Gospel, Second Line New Orleans Jazz, and early R&B. With stellar performances of traditional material as well as their own innovative music, The California Honeydrops get people out of their seats and onto the floor, dancing, sweating, and singing along.

Since their formation 4 years ago in the subway stations of Oakland, CA, The California Honeydrops have completed 6 European tours, spread honey on crowds throughout the US, and recorded 2 full length albums of original music, all without the help of a record label or major booking agency. Their secret? An irresistible sound that blends the energy and intimacy of a street performance, undeniable talent and musicianship, and the soul and fervor of a spiritual street parade.

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